Awareness means change. Once you realise your cycles you can cut those threads and move on. This workshop will assist you to find those cycles. Brigid’s book Transform your Psyche, your journal to self-discovery is simply written to explain why we feel and react the way we do. It comes with a journal so you can identify your threads and cut them. Why not live a life with wings and create new possibilities. 

If you have always struggled with money, this is your life lesson.

If you have addictions, whether food, drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, this is your life lesson.

During your life you meet people, and for no real reason, you either warm to them or you dislike them intensely. Or you just want to fix them. Again a life lesson.

Transform your Psyche your Journal To Self Discovery

Deck of 44 Transformational cards

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This is a three day workshop. Held over three evenings online

Find Meaning in Your Experiences Through Writing

Search for Cause and Effect

Learn From Your Dreams

Gain Control Through Writing

Learn about cyclical events

Sentient Earth

3 session workshop Write to Heal

once paid an email will be sent to work out the dates that suit you. This is done via zoom or browser.