• Have you done a ‘Wellness Check’ on your Biz?
    When was the last time you did a wellness check on your business?
  • What was taken in the past can now be restored- Brigid Curran
    Sitting in limbo, unable to move forward as you wait for jobs, sort out relationships or try to figure out your headspace messes with your mental health. What do you do?
  • Smart people work intuitively
    If you are not working intuitively you are missing out on the real magic in your business.
  • Unwanted Middle Aged Woman seeks Respect
    “Oh, My Goodness!!” A friend said to me when I met her for a coffee after she called distressed after another failed interview. “I am a middle-aged white woman who is now a minority in her own country, a country I was born in!! “What! I thought, are you allowed to say that out loud, as I quietened her down so others in the cafe would not hear her.

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Hi, I’m Brigid. As a creative writer, I can create a brand, all unique to the personality of the person or company. I can help you define your tone of voice, then assist.

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